Saturday, July 23, 2011

The town of Baumholder

We are stationed in Baumholder and it's a cute little area that has been occupied by primarily military personnel since WWII. It is set high up in the Mountains and is a beautiful area! But I was able to go on a little tour around Baumholder to see what the are had to offer and also learn a little bit of the history on the area. Unfortunately I don't really remember a lot of the details, but I did take some pictures, which are more interesting anyway :)

  This is called the corpse gate and yes it houses corpses! Children in that yellow school behind it still find bones in the school yard.

                             This is just a church right in the town that they decided to paint red
                   This is a watch tower that for some reason has taxidermy animals in it.
  And this is a restaurant that has amazing food!!! It is over 250 years old and is so delicious!
 This is in a surrounding area just some ruins to a castle or something.
                                                         View from that tall tower on the right above.

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